The past few mornings have been light and cool, with just enough of a hint of Fall to tease me into the excitement I feel every year as the humid midsummer days relax into the softer beauty of Autumn. The release from one season into another.

But it’s not just the weather. I feel the seasons changing in me, too.

Is it true, Lord? Is this season coming to a close so that another can come?

I feel the cool wind on my heart. I see the leaves, fallen on the ground, tired from their exposure to months of extreme heat, making way for new growth on strong trees. I sense it. The time for harvest is coming. Soon. It’s almost here.

The past 10 months have tested, challenged, tried, and proven my faith in the One who is my God over and over again. I would not trade one day, one hour, one minute, or one single second. Through every moment, He has revealed something new to me about Himself. He has breathed new life into Scriptures that I’ve read hundreds of times. He has breathed new Truth into me. I am more hopeful for His preferred future for me than ever before.

Your love is extravagant,

Your friendship, it is intimate.

I feel like moving to the rhythm of your grace…”

To the melody of those words, and in anticipation of the new season to come, my inner child took over…

And right there, in my living room, without even thinking about it…

I twirled.

If anyone had seen me, I doubt that words like “graceful” or “lovely” would be used to describe the vision of me dancing in my living room. But I really don’t care.

I twirled anyway. Again and again and again.

And maybe, just maybe, from now on, when I sense the seasons starting to change,

Instead of walking into them,

I’ll twirl into them.

Because I can.

Because His love IS extravagant.

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